Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Vancouver Christmas Market

Did someone say Raclette?

So we're just about to start our second weekend at the Vancouver Christmas Market.  It was a shakey start for us at first.  Just as we were heading down to load our little booth with our stock, the radio blared out that there was a propane explostion at the Market, just 20 minutes before it was set to officially open.  Luckily no one was hurt, but our little booth was one of the two that needed to be replaced.  So, while the Vancouver Christmas Market officially opened the Sunday after the explosion, Dussa's Swiss Raclette did not open until Monday November 29th.

Its been just amazing at the Market.  We are overwhelmed by the response for our Raclette. Its been wonderful meeting new customers, getting to chat with everyone, even hearing stories about the old shop down on Main street.  But what amazes us the most is, no matter how crazy the market it, no matter how long the line, everyone is in a cheery mood.  I guess thats the magic of melted cheese!

So we encourage everyone to come down and visit.  We're serving little cheese puffs, hot out of the oven, traditional German Lachsbroetchn (a mini lox and cream cheese sandwich that is oh so satisfying), and of course our specialty, Swiss Raclette. 

What is Swiss Raclette you ask?  Swiss Raclette is a round hard cheese made from unpasturized milk and aged for 3-4 months.  The brand that Dussa's uses is called Von Muelenen, or Snowman Brand, one of the only raclettes with the AOC distinction.  We cut the 7 kg wheel and place it in a special Raclette grill.  There, the top layed is melted until it is bubbly and a little golden brown.  Then the cheese in removed from the grill, and, using the back of the knife, we scrape the melted cheese onto a fresh slice of ciabatta bread.  Heaven on a plate.

We look forward to seeing everyone down at the Vancouver Christmas Market.  Be sure to come to our little booth and say hello!