Friday, October 22, 2010

Le Marechal

When it comes to cheese, Le Marechal is the new kid on the block.  In the early 90's, cheese maker Jean-Michel Rapin created a cheese that was meant to be different from Swiss Gruyere.  He named if after is grandfather, who was a blacksmith, because it shared his "original and robust character".

Le Marechal is a raw milk Swiss cheese that shares the nutty flavour of typical Swiss made cheeses.  But unlike Swiss Gruyere and Appenzellar, La Marechal has a melt in your mouth texture and a simple yet rustic flavour.  The rind is rubbed with herbs as the cheese ages, giving it a subtley spicey, almost floral taste.  Not only is Le Marechal delicious, but its incredibly healthy too- the cows are fed flaxseed flour, making their milk rich in Omega-3.

Le Marechal is an amazing table cheese, and does really well in cheese sauces.  Serve it with figs or fig spread, olives, and a good dry white wine.

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